Wenglor Launch Der Wintec - Long Range Distance Sensors -

Long-Range Laser Distance Sensors with wintec (wenglor interference-free technology) have played a formative role in countless industries worldwide for over ten years. Thanks to integrated DS technology, the new generation of these sensors once again sets standards in terms of precision, performance, interference immunity, communication capability and robustness. The sensors detect objects regardless of colour, gloss, surface texture and inclination angle.

The wintec with DS Technology (Dynamic Sensitivity).

Compared with traditional transit time technologies, the latest wintec generation uses “Dynamic Sensitivity” (DS) technology. The laser distance sensor emits very short light pulses in the nanosecond range, with signals that are statistically evaluated and thus produce the distance value to the object.

  • Unrivalled reception sensitivity
  • Large working range of up to 10,000 mm
  • Reproducibility as low as 3 mm
  • Highly insensitive to ambient light of up to 100,000 lux
  • Insensitive to interference
der wintec

The wintec in V4A Stainless Steel Housing.

For extreme industrial environments, the wintec is available in a high-quality stainless steel housing for the first time, which gives the sensor even greater mechanical robustness at temperatures of −40 to +50 °C, as well as high chemical material resistance.

  • IP69K degree of protection via laser-welded housing
  • Resistant to cleaning agents with ECOLAB approval
  • Corrosion-resistant housing made of V4A stainless steel (1.4404/316L)
  • Resistant to oils and lubricants

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