Cameras & Controllers - Industrial Vision Systems

Cameras & Controllers

Industrial vision systems and smart cameras which can be scaled from the most simple cost effective inspection to high accuracy, high speed inspection and measurement applications.

FHV7 Smart Camera

Omron FH Series

Vision Sensors

FHV7 Smart Camera combined with illumination and image processing functionality for advanced vision inspections.  Up to 12 mexapixel high resolution models are available.

Omron FH-Series compact, high speed vision controllers and cameras.  2,4, and 8 camera models are available with or without AI functionality.

Minature range of smart vision sensors with ethernet I/P, USB and profinet connectivity options.


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To discuss your machine vision application, please contact your local ATC Automation Sales Engineer;

Derek Hall

Derek Hall

Sales Engineer

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Damien O'Malley

Sales Engineer

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