PLC's - Omron PLC's at ATC Automation


ATC offer a range of Omron PLC’s and machine controllers to suit virtually any machine control application

Micro PLC’s for Compact Machines

Built in ethernet and serial ports, Pulse output control for 4 servo axis from 10 I/O models up to 180 local I/O versions are available.

Machine Controllers with Database Connectivity & Multi Axes Servo Control

Built in ethernet and ethercat ports, OPC UA server functionality, integrated machine safety control.  Models with up to 4096 I/O points and 256 servo axes control are available.

Remote I/O for all Fieldbus Communication Platforms

More than 500 modules available to meet virtually any signal requirement.  Versions available that support all standard fieldbus protocols including Ethernet I/P, Ethercat and Profinet.


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To discuss your machine control requirements please contact your local ATC Automation Sales Engineer;

Derek Hall

Derek Hall

Sales Engineer

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Tel: (087) 219 6879
Damien O'Malley

Damien O'Malley

Sales Engineer

Connacht, Donegal, Cork, Kerry, Limerick & Clare

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