Wittenstein -

ATC Automation are proud to partner with WITTENSTEIN Ltd, a premier German manufacturer of planetary gearboxes, servo right-angle gearboxes, servo actuators, complete rack and pinion systems, design tools for the entire drive train.



WITTENSTEIN offers servo gearboxes for any application and any performance range.

Our low-backlash planetary and right-angle gearboxes reflect our passion for innovation and the highest levels of precision.

Cyber Dynamic Line


Cyber® dynamic line servomotors are the smart choice for limited space applications.

These stainless steel housed motors are equipped with absolute feedback (Singleturn and Multiturn) and deliver unparalleled performance, reliability and value from the smallest package.



Mechatronic drive systems that can collect and communicate information independently are fundamental to the IIoT.

WITTENSTEIN is now the first manufacturer of components to offer smart gearboxes as standard – gearboxes with cynapse. The integrated sensor module enables Industry 4.0 connectivity.




Your customised coupling completes the drive train:

Flexible in design

Fine-tuning your drive

Maximum performance

Metal bellows couplings, elastomer couplings and torque limiters


Rack & Pinion

The correct rack is an essential component in realising your machine concepts.

WITTENSTEIN offers three classes of rack, Premium Class, Value Class and Smart Class, to find the right solution for your application requirements in conjunction with a matched gearbox and pinion.