Sensors - Omron, Sick, Wenglor


Partnerships with Omron, Sick and Wenglor allow ATC to offer a reliable solution for almost all sensor applications.

Level & Process Sensors

Proximity Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors

Sensors for continuous level and/or point level measurement in addition to flow, pressure and temperature sensors.

Capacitive and inductive proximity sensors, cylindrical or rectangular versions, IO Link options. 

Diffuse, retro reflective and through beam models, standard and laser optic versions available for precise detection over an wide range of sensing distances, IO Link options.

Measurement Sensors

Amplifiers & Fibre Optic Sensors

Colour & Contrast Sensors

Displacement, position, diameter, width and profile measurements to micron level. 

Amplifiers with advanced functionality and ethercat connectivity are available in addition to an extensive range of fibres to suit almost any application. 

A wide range of colour, contrast and luminescence sensors are available to solve a wide spectrum of demanding tasks in high speed processes.


Interested in learning more?

To discuss your sensor application please contact your local ATC Automation Sales Engineer;

Derek Hall

Derek Hall

Sales Engineer

Leinster, Northern Ireland, Cavan, Monaghan, Tipperary & Waterford

Tel: (087) 219 6879
Damien O'Malley

Damien O'Malley

Sales Engineer

Connacht, Donegal, Cork, Kerry, Limerick & Clare

Tel: (087) 991 0291