Motion Drives & Gearboxes

Along with our partners Omron, Wittenstein and Oriental Motor, ATC can specify and support a complete range of motion products including servo motors, servo drives, gearboxes, stepper motors, linear slides and AC/DC motors.


Inverter Drives

0.1kW – 1100kW ranges, devicenet, ethercat, ethernet IP and profibus communication options.


Stepper Motors and Drives

Standard frame sizes 20mm,42mm,60mm and 85mm, Ethercat and ethernet IP control options.


Servo Motors and Drives

Ethercat control, 50W – 1.5kW ranges, compact motor size, Absolute and incremental encoder options. 


Low backlash, high precision models options that can be coupled to servo motors from all major manufacturers.

AC / DC Motors

Constant speed or speed control models, with or without gearheads

Linear Slides, Cylinders & Rotary Actuators

 Cylinders and Rotary Actuators for high precision linear and rotary applications, Ethercat and ethernet IP control options.

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