Machine Safety

Protect your personnel with the best in market machine safety products from Omron, Rockwell and Sick.

Safety Scanners

A comprehensive range of safety scanners for area or access protection with a protective range of up to 9m are available.



Safety Mats and Safedge Profile

Customised matt and safedge products can be manufactured to suit almost any floor or door size configuration.


Safety Light Curtains

A comprehensive range of light curtains from small and compact variants to larger robust models to suit virtually almost any application and budget.

Trapped Key System

Mechanical systems with unique key coding that allow personnel safe access to hazardous areas of machines and plants.

Safety Relays & Controllers

 Standalone safety relays with numerous contact configurations in addition to the availability of programable safety controllers for more complex tasks on large machines and production lines.


Safety Door Switches & Pull Cord Switches

 Non – Contact and Contact safety switches, Interlock and solenoid locking options available with the latest RFID technology and machine safety approvals.

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