The New E3AS Sensor Range From Omron -

The new E3AS sensor range from Omron  

Omron have launched the new E3AS series with industry-first sensing technology that significantly improves detection capability and offers new ways of using direct reflective photoelectric sensors to reduce equipment commissioning time.

The new E3AS-HL CMOS Laser Sensor can reliably detect targets that cannot be detected with direct reflective photoelectric sensors. Its industry-first sensing algorithm reaches high-speed sampling at 10,000 times per second and our unique accumulation processing increases sensitivity by amplifying the slightest amount of light bounced off the target. The manufacturing technology adjusts the receiver lens position in the sensor to the micrometer level, enabling reliable detection of any target colour, material and shape.

Key Features

·  High reliable detection for shiny, uneven & transparent objects, without the need of reflectors. Reducing equipment design and commissioning time.

·  Increased equipment design flexibility providing direct detection up to 1.5m without reflector. 

·  High degree protection IP67/IP67G/IP69K and Antifouling coating ensures a stable operation even in harsh environments.

·  OLED display and sensitive teach button enable easy, quick, and optimal setting.

·  Equipped with IO-Link COM3 allowing data acquisition for predictive maintenance, operation monitoring, commissioning, and measurement functionalities.

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