Connect your safety components with GuardLink.
Enabling Smart Safety Devices in The Connected Enterprise.
A truly connected enterprise has real-time control and information available across platforms and devices within the organization. When it comes to linking safety to The Connected Enterprise, our smart safety devices featuring GuardLink technology can deliver information, advanced functionality and flexibility, while enhancing safety and increasing efficiency machine- and plant-wide.


GuardLink is a safety-based communications protocol utilizing standard cabling in linking topology with plug-and-play connections, significantly reducing wiring while providing device location and delivering diagnostics, remote reset and lock commands over a single cable run. The Allen-Bradley® Guardmaster GuardLink enabled tap from Rockwell Automation connects OSSD (Output Signal Switching Device) or EMSS (Electro-mechanical Safety Switch) inputs—including guardlocking switches, non-contact switches, light curtains, limit switches, e-stops and key interlocks–to a GuardLink system. As many as 32 safety devices can be connected to a GuardLink system through taps and interfaced to a Guardmaster DG safety relay by way of standard M12 4-conductor cabling. This allows visibility of system status down to the individual guard doors and e-stops in contrast to standard series connection of safety devices, which requires significantly more wiring and introduces many more potential fault points that can lead to unnecessary, unplanned downtime. GuardLink not only provides a simpler, more effective and productive safety solution, but can also deliver faster time to market and help lower the total cost of ownership of your machines.



Features and Benefits


  • Acts as the adaptor for safety input devices to connect to GuardLink™
  • Provides device location and status to GuardLink GSR Relay (DG) technology
  • Detects between Output Safety Switching Device (OSSD) or Electromechanical Safety Switch (EMSS)
  • Two bright indicators for device and link communication status
  • Compact 40 mm housing fits on standard aluminum profile
  • TÜV Approved Ple, SIL 3, Cat 4 Rated
  • IP65/IP67 environmental rating