Introducing the ‘NEW’ FTMg – Compressed Air Flowmeter from SICK Sensor Intelligence -

Energy Management is a key focus for many Production companies and Compressed Air is one of the most cost intensive Energy Sources, so to monitor the Energy Consumption and Flow Rate to detect Leakages has a high cost saving potential.

Features at a glance:

  • Measurement of Compressed Air Flow rate, Energy Consumption, Pressure and Temperature from one sensor!
  • High Measurement Dynamics for Leakage Monitoring
  • Cost savings thanks to Reduced Energy Consumption and Increased Operational Reliability
  • 4…20mA, IO-Link or Ethernet interfaces for simple System Integration and Data Availability
  • Data logging to detect Leakages and Energy Consumption over time
  • Compressed Air Measurement according to DIN EN 50001

Plenty of Applications:

  • Compressed Air Measurement and Energy Consumption
  • Monitoring leakages in Air Supply lines
  • Compressor Air Generation Systems
  • Monitoring Airflow to Robotic arms:

Would you like to benefit from the Financial, Operational and Environmental Benefits of the FTMg Compressed Air Flowmeter?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ then contact ATC on 01 467 8303